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AutoNET CRM, the online software used by the automotive sector’s leading brands.

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The simplest way to increase sales. Can you imagine how easy it would be to get to work and a single program tells you everything you have to do? Do you need software designed to inspire customer loyalty? AutoNET CRM is a benchmark in the automotive sector and is used by more than 3,500 dealerships and merchants.

Quotes in just a few simple clicks

AutoNET CRM provides up-to-date pricing and information about promotional campaigns allowing your sales team to focus on customer service.
Ideal for both new and used car sales, it’s speed and intuitive design allow the customer to have an offer in their hands with just a few simple clicks.


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Customer Management

We are talking about the best CRM for the automotive sector. Every customer has their own profile they can use to easily make quotes, organize appointments, send emails, close sales and manage contact information.

Stock Management

  • Keep track of new and used car stock.
  • Appraise used vehicles for trade or sale.
  • Gives every vehicle its own agenda to organize quotes, test drives, etc.
  • Print showroom specification sheets (build sheets).
  • Integrate stock with your web page and with other new and used vehicle web portals.
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Sales management reports

AutoNET CRM generates a variety of reports that analyze your salespeople’s activity and help them work quickly and efficiently when, as is often the case, time is of the essence.

In the cloud

Internet-based and usable from any mobile device, BDCNet makes everything you do easier: wherever you are.

Sales team manager

Assign different system privileges to users according to their responsibilities.


AutoNET CRM generates several reports useful for analyzing your sales team’s performance.


Our training department can provide ongoing support either over the phone or in weekly sessions.


The online software used by the automotive sector’s leading brands. 100% online, fast, up to date, full management for new and used vehicles. There is only a chance to make a good first impression, and AutoNET will help you succeed.


If your business’s focus is used vehicles, this is the software you need. Quotes, offers, taxation, manage stocks and keep track of your clients with only one tool and with a very competitive price.

AutoNET Lite

If you’re an sales agent and work with several brands, you need a tool that simplifies your job. This version of AutoNET is focused on making quick quotations so you have time to sell vehicles.

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