Get More Return Customers with BDC Net

Increase Profit by Converting More Leads into Showroom Traffic

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BDC Net organizes your Business Development Center and allows you to make money from your database. Get more from your marketing investments with a much better conversion rate.

A Communications Center

BDC Net will be the nerve center for all contact with your customers. It can be integrated with whatever resources your company’s database uses (DMS, CRM, external lists, leads, etc.) and even with your dealership or group’s telephone system.

fidelización clientes
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A clean and organised database

BDC Net is designed to gather together customer information from as many sources as your dealership has, cross-reference everything and guarantee a clean, reliable, duplicate-free database: one client; one entry.

The Second The Phone Rings Everything You Need to Know Is On Your Screen

Thanks to its integration with your telephone system and the flow of information from your DMS, BDC Net instantly shows your CSRs all available information about the calling customer. Inbound calls can be handled more effectively by steering them towards the real goal of any BDC: more showroom visits.

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Create Your Own Sales Campaigns

Have up to a billion different ways to sort marketing data: between customer and vehicle information and workshop orders the possibilities are endless. Once you have the list of customers you want to reach you can send them offers or information by telephone, mass emails, sms marketing and more. Filter out the information you don’t need, get a clearer picture of what’s happening and your profit will increase exponentially.

Today’s Leads Are Tomorrow’s Sales

The best way to ensure a high number of return customers is to adapt to their needs, the way they communicate and their lifestyles. Use what you know about them to stay on top of what they and their vehicles need. This is the perfect opportunity to be their first choice.

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BDC panel

Measure, Analyze and Improve

Gather everything you know about previous and current sales campaigns into a single place where metrics and results can be easily analyzed. Mould and evolve sales campaigns to achieve maximum profit.

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