Autonet PRO

The only online CRM for fleet management

The fleet market is growing, dealers are making more money and it’s time to get in the race. It is essential to have a CRM Software to help you get the best results. With it, you will be able to increase both productivity and your team’s rentability. As with everything, getting a head start is the key to winning and commercial sales is no exception, we can help you. AutoNET PRO is the solution, the only CRM for the fleet’s department.

Have your client’s fleets under control

Every client and their fleets (from your brand or from the competition) validity, proposals, follow-ups, predictions, … From the moment we fill up the company’s data, until we renew their vehicles, everything will be managed by AutoNET PRO.

Creating opportunities

Only by analysing the yearly records can we know what is the right path to follow. This is the most helpful point of AutoNET PRO: What happened last time this client visited? Why didn’t he buy? The time for renewing the fleet is near, should we do more aggressive campaigns? Knowing these facts can help us take the lead. 

Living on the streets

Having a job where mobility is essential, we need a tool that is accessible everywhere. By being a cloud based service and by having a responsive design, AutoNET PRO assures that it can be used wherever you go, from any device you might need.

The engine of your fleet team

• Allow your sales team to use their time more effectively.
• Free yourself to find new customers.
Increase sales.
• Accurately analyze sales data.
• Expect more from every part of the sales process: generate leads, convert them to sales and increase customer loyalty.
Get ahead of the customer and anticipate their every need.
• Quickly get information from your supplier to better manage your fleets.
• Make more money every time you close.

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